Engineering Director – Value Stream Management (VSM) (f/m/d) – LeanIX – Amsterdam


The Engineering Director – Value Stream Management (VSM) will lead the development of VSM, one of our emerging products, consisting of 4 fully remote engineering teams (based in Europe) with their engineering managers (20+ people). This is a product earlier in it’s lifecycle but with a strong customer base already, so it requires a balance of fast innovation and making sure existing customers are successful. Basically it requires a startup mindset. The role is reporting to the VP Engineering, emerging products.WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Well, there are multiple reasons:

  • We’re on a strong growth trajectory in terms of ARR and team size while scaling in a sustainable and profitable way, making us successful even in challenging economical times. The VSM product is one of our key expansion products for the future of the company so you will have a big impact on the potential to scale the whole company.
  • We value customer-centricity above an “know-it-all” attitude. Our EAM product is industry-leading with happy customers and a NPS of 70, and we want to make sure that continues also in our emerging products. Our culture of empowered product development teams enables engineers to solve customer problems instead of just implementing and shipping well-defined features. You’ll not only shape our engineering organization, you’ll participate in defining our products as well.
  • We build it, we run it. We ensure highly-available and easy-to-use products. We stay ahead of trouble through a high degree of automation, alerting, SRE and on-call practises. There is no dedicated operations department in place at LeanIX.
  • We prioritize continuous improvement, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We constantly iterate on our engineering practices and skills to build software architecture and team composition that supports fun at work and long term success of the business.
  • We value open access to leadership, transparency and personal development. We successfully enabled many software engineers to grow along with the company into engineering manager or technical lead positions. You’ll continue this success story while we offer you opportunities to grow.
  • We value a healthy life balance and our employees make room for interests and relations outside of their job. We offer a hybrid working environment, providing a high grade of flexibility while meeting colleagues in one of our offices from time to time.

About 70% of your time you invest into developing your organization and yourself

  • Drive growth and development of your organization in individual and in team sessions
  • Guide your team to continuously improve the development process and to make customer centricity part of their DNA
  • Inspire your team to work collaboratively and to share knowledge at high engagement
  • Help ensure the architecture supports the teams and enables them to move extremely fast
  • Scale your team by defining and leading hiring efforts
  • Learn and grow as a professional through leadership and buddy programs, training budgets and a strong community of leaders within and outside of LeanIX Engineering

About 30% of your time you invest into strategic topics

  • Be an active member in the engineering senior leadership team, defining the longer term strategy of the organization
  • Balance short term product needs with longer term investments into engineering and technology needs like architectural sustainability
  • Partner with product management directors to define the product strategy for your area of responsibility


  • Infrastructure based on Azure ecosystem
  • Kotlin and Angular
  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • API technologies such as GraphQL and REST
  • Event-driven architecture with Kafka
  • Modern CI/CD toolchains (e.g. Github Actions, Feature Toggling) allowing us to ship multiple times a day
  • Monitoring & Alerting, e.g. Instana
  • Product Usage Tracking using Amplitude, Metabase

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has worked in a fully remote environment and built high performing teams in it
  • Can bring experience from companies with excellent engineering culture or high-growth startups
  • Has proven strong collaboration with the product team and a focus on the customers
  • Has successfully evolved the architecture and teams from startup to growth stages
  • Combines excellent technical skills with leadership abilities to build a world-class engineering organization
  • Leads engineering teams according to our LeanIX engineering values
  • Is proactive, curious and eager to learn
  • Has experience in leading engineering teams as well as engineering managers
  • Brings excellent communication skills in English

You bring in as a bonus:

  • Prior knowledge in the domain of Value Stream Management
  • Building your own startup in the past

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